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18.10 12:39 Kashmiris say

Kashmiris say "nothing short of self-determination". Zafar Alam Sarwar

Things in occupied Kashmir have heated up so much so that the valley, despite imposition of curfew, arrest of youths and state torture to them, seems turning into an inferno for India itself. Puppet chief minister Faruq Abdullah sought cut in powers abused by troops all the time, especially when protest is mounting against illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir by New Delhi. At least 125 youths have been gunned down during last three months for raising voice for their right to self-determination. On September 13, as many as 15 more people were killed in the deadliest day in the summer violence. Reportedly, around 400 have been injured so far.


16.12 12:09

Islam and Europe

16.12 11:05

Sergey Bagapsh: “Understanding is what we are expecting from the Islamic World”



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