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DUMNO Delegation accomplishes the Central Asia road trip.

15.05.2009 16:59

Yesterday the delegation of the  Religious Board of Muslims of Nizhniy Novgorod (DUMNO) returned from the trip across the Central Asia.  


The delegation consisted of Damir-hazrat Mukhetdinov, the Chairman of the Council of Ulemas of DUMNO; Timur Fakhretdinov, DUMNO’s Chief Manager ; Ildar Nurimanov, the Director of Publishing House “Medina”  and other DUMNO members. In general, they visited about 15 Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan cities, where they held negotiations with eminent politicians, businessmen, famous religious and public figures.


According to Damir Mukhetdinov, The expedition was perfectly arranged mainly due to proper assistance the Kazakh and Uzbek colleagues and their hospitality.


IslaRF (Courtesy of DUMNO)


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